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Artists: John Rowles, Kamahl, Flake, Tin Tin, Lobo, Sheryl Blake, Ocean, Francis Lai, Harry Young and Sabbath, Bells, Dudley Moore, Sherbert, Neil Diamond, Mixtues, Blackfeather, New Dream, Autumn, Colleen Hewett, Kevin Johnson


Label: Select Records

Catalogue Number: US1001

Track Titles:


Me and you and a dog named Boo

I am I said

Toast and marmalade for tea

Song for Suzie

Bonnie please don't go

Life is getting better

Stay awhile


Push Bike Song

100 Children

Put your hand in the hand

Wheat in the Field

Cheryl Moana Marie

Can you feel it baby?


Soft Delights

Seasons of change

Henry Ford

As long as life goes on

Theme from Love Story

Vol 1. Chartstoppers, 20 Original Stars 20 Original Hits - Assorted Artists

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